Technical Visits

Currently, the following Technical Visits have been confirmed and are open for subscription by congress participants.

  1. It should be noted that for each of these visits there is a minimum number of participants required.
    Based upon the number of subscriptions and in close deliberation with the receiving party May 1st, 2018 it will be decided if these visits actually will take place. Congress participants, who subscribed to a TV that unfortunately cannot take place will be offered the option, either subscribe to another TV, or a refund of the TV participation fee.
  2. In case the maximum number of participants is reached, subscription to the relevant visit wille be closed.
  3. Furthermore, for some of the TV’s there will be special security requirements like for instance a valid photo identification card or document (for Dutch citizens a driver licence or ID-card may do, but for non-Dutch citizens the passport will be required). Once it is decided that a TV will actually take place, you will be contacted by the congress secretariat to furnish a copy of your photo-ID card/document, so that the organisation will be able to prepare a visitors list with the required data. Generally, you have to carry the valid photo identification document with you during the visit. Further special requirements are listed in the text describing the TV.

The fee for these technical visits will be € 40 per person.


08.15 – 18.30 hrs:
Mineralz, Hazardous Waste (incl. NORM) Repository, Maasvlakte and Centrale Organisatie voor Radioactief Afval (COVRA), Vlissingen

08.30 – 18.30 hrs:
Studie Centrum Kernenergie / Centre d’Étude d’Énergie Nucléaire (SCK•CEN), Mol, Belgium

09.15 – 17.35 hrs:
European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) of the European Space Agency, Noordwijk

11.00 – 18.30 hrs:
Agentschap Telecom (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate), Amersfoort and Antenne Bureau, Amersfoort

12.15 – 18.30 hrs:
Container scanning and nuclear detection, Customs, Rotterdam

12.15 – 20.30 hrs:
Studie Centrum Kernenergie / Centre d’Étude d’Énergie Nucléaire (SCK•CEN), Mol, Belgium (Radiation Physicians)