EUTERP at IRPA (Europe) 2018

EUTERP is delighted to have been asked to host a session at IRPA2018 in The Hague.  Working within the overall theme of “Encouraging Sustainability in Radiation Protection”, the session, on the afternoon of June 6th, will take the form of a workshop, focussing on just two core topics: “Training for Radiation Workers” and “Evaluating the impact of Training Programmes”

Both of these topics have perhaps had a low profile in E&T workshops and conferences in recent years and the objective at IRPA2018 is to facilitate discussion. For each topic there will be keynote presentation summarising the main issues, current concerns and known activity as well as raising questions for an open discussion session. The provisional schedule for the workshop is as follows.


14:00Introduction to Workshop from EUTERP
Session 1: Training for Radiation Workers
14:10Keynote: “Radiation workers: the front line of safety?”
A deal of emphasis and effort has been put into RPE and RPO training etc., in recent years – are workers a neglected audience?
14:45Panel-led, open discussion over key points from the above
15:20Summary of output and conclusions
Session 2: Evaluating the impact of Training Programmes
16:00Keynote: “Radiation protection training: what are the expectations?”
What do we mean by “impact” of radiation safety training? What is the relationship between effectiveness and impact? What are the options for evaluating the impact of training programmes- and how best to use the resulting information?
16:30Panel-led, open discussion over key points from the above
17:10Summary of output and conclusions
17:25Overall summary + close