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Dear colleagues,

Since 2002, Radiation Protection professionals from all over Europe and beyond have met every four years at regional European IRPA congresses. The Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (NVS) is pleased to host the next congress in this series.

The historical city of The Hague is not only the administrative center of The Netherlands, but is also famous for its international institutions such as the International Court of Justice and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

peacepalace_007The Hague also aims to be a major player in security matters, a fact which became widely known when the city hosted the Nuclear Security Summit in 2014 in our congress venue, the World Forum.

With the theme “Encouraging Sustainability in Radiation Protection”, the congress will focus on the various aspects needed to ensure that we have, and will continue to have, adequate equipment, staff and resources to protect human health and our environment adequately against the adverse effects of ionizing and non-ionising radiation.

The five day programme of the congress will offer us a whole range of plenary, parallel and poster sessions, refreshers on all relevant scientific and operational topics in radiation protection, as well as plenty of opportunities for exhibitors. More importantly, the congress offers radiation protection professionals the opportunity to interact and exchange experiences among each other.

Furthermore, building on the experiences of previous European and International IRPA congresses and in line with the general theme of the congress, special attention will be paid to (activities for) both the young and future generations of radiation protection professionals.

I really do hope that you will be able to disseminate the announcement of this congress as widely as possible and that you will also be able to attend and contribute to the success of the 5th European IRPA Congress!

Hielke Freerk Boersmafoto-HFB-e1443686548810
Congress President
NVS Board Member Congress Affairs


Main topics for IRPA 2018

Fundamental and/or general issues

Sustainability in radiation protection. Security of sources, installations and plants. Fundamental safety and security objectives and principles of protection, safety and security, and education and training herein. Emergency Preparedness and (risk) communication. Existing and planned exposure situations. Ethics in radiation protection. Stakeholder involvement. Presentations of radiation protection programs and policies at the national, multi-national and international level on these issues are particularly encouraged.

Research and applications

R&D, licensing, construction, operation, effect on people and environment. Regulatory/public acceptance and radiation protection aspects of (new) developed isotopes and applications for medical and industrial use. Modeling, calculation and assessment of the radiation dose received by people and the environment (e.g. animals and plants). Low-dose radiation risk assessment and modeling. Cosmic radiation and space travel.


Operational radiation protection practices at e.g. NPP’s, waste storage/disposal facilities for artificial nuclides as well as for NORM, re-processing plants, decommissioning projects, etc. This item also includes industries producing materials with elevated NORM levels and industries applying sealed radioactive sources in their production process or in non-destructive testing.


All radiation protection activities and issues related to the safe, secure and economical use of radioactive isotopes and X-rays in health care applications, including education and training. Dose optimization for patients, workers and the general public.

Non-ionizing Radiation

UV-radiation protection and UV health effects, skin cancer prevention, balancing UV-health hazards and benefits. Solar and artificial UV-exposures in environmental, medical, cosmetic and industrial situations for public, patients and workers. Laser safety and protection in medicine and industry. EMF-exposure and possible health effects in industrial, medical and environmental situations, including cell phones, power lines, MRI, RF-transmission stations etc. Public perception of risks, Regulatory principles of protection, guidelines.

interior of the World Forum Theater; The Hague, Netherlands

Refresher courses and technical visits

An innovative set up for refresher courses and technical visits will be employed. The Monday morning and Wednesday will almost exclusively be devoted to refreshers and/or technical visits. Thus we offer participants the possibility to compose a coherent and concise program of refreshers. Additionally a combination of technical visit and refreshers will be developed.

Social Program

An extensive social program will be offered for participants and partners.


About the Netherlands

The Dutch – all 17 million of them – live in 41,528 square kilometres, little more than half the size of Scotland. This makes The Netherlands one of the world’s most densely populated countries. The Netherlands is best known for its tulips, windmills and clogs. It is also known for its low altitude and vulnerability to flooding. Less well known is that the Netherlands has the sixteenth largest economy in the world, and ranks tenth in GDP per capita. Equally little known is that the Dutch have won Nobel prizes for chemistry, physics, medicine, economics and peace or that the world’s planners and architects flock here to learn about Dutch solutions for this crowded country.

About The Hague

The Hague is the international city of peace and justice and the third largest city in the Netherlands. It is also the official seat of the Crown and government, home to hundreds of international organisations and multinationals and one of the world’s top three UN cities. The Hague is a true place of deliberation and sets the perfect setting for high level conferences and business events. The Peace Palace has become an icon of international justice. In fact, the city has conferencing and high-level decision making in its DNA. The Hague’s international orientation makes it a highly attractive location for all types of businesses and organizations. The Hague offers conference and meeting organisers a variety of great possibilities. The Hague also has some 9,000 hotel rooms in all price categories, including key international brands such as Hilton, Accor, Starwood, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn.

The Congress Venue

The World Forum is the leading international convention centre in The Hague and is perfectly situated between the city centre and the beach. It successfully hosted the largest summit in the history of the Netherlands: the Nuclear Security Summit 2014. This international conference was attended by the leaders or heads of state of more than 50 countries. It attracts around 5,000 delegate members and thousands of journalists to The Hague. The venue provides a safe, secure and flexible environment. The World Forum has become a leading specialist in this area due to the extensive knowledge and experience it has gained in this field over the past decade.  Along with national and international conferences at the highest level, the World Forum also hosts corporate events, association congresses and receptions and exhibitions. The flexibility of its multifunctional location allows the World Forum to offer a wide variety of events for any target group.


Congress information


Congress Officers

Congress President: Hielke Freerk Boersma
Congress Secretary: Bert Gerritsen
Congress Treasurer: Gert Jonkers
Scientific Programm Committee: Lars Roobol
Organization Committee: Jan Kops


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We are grateful for the support of the UK Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) in establishing our scientific programme.

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